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Rocking Your Natural Hair in Business Professional

You don’t have to hide who you are every time you step into a corporate office or interview. There are ways to look business professional while still rocking your natural hair. Most companies prefer hair that looks “done” which does not by any means mean relaxed or straightened. For people with shorter hair, it’s a little easier to fit into a conservative look while keeping their hair completely out, but it’s still very possible to style your long tresses into “professional” looks as well!

Here are some styling suggestions for short and long natural hair that will fit in beautifully in an office setting:

Short curly fro

If you like your hair short, curly fros look great. Wearing your hair wet to work is no fun, so instead of a true wash and go, diffuse the hair after washing and applying a moisturizer and styling product. For a bouncier curl, stretch your hair in sections focusing mostly on the roots.

Braided Up Do

Braids are great for work because they are very low maintenance and you can chose to simply get up and go. If you want simplicity, get short bob style braids. For a neat, “office” look make sure to cut the ends evenly. If you prefer longer braids and want to do a more formal up do, braids are very easy to manipulate into fun and elegant styles off of your neck. A basic bun or twisted bangs/pompadour is a cute look!


Straight Styled TWA

TWAs look great with their natural texture, so there is no need to straighten it if you don’t want to. However, many naturals with TWAs start getting bored after a while because of somewhat limited style options. Straightening out your TWA every now and then will add some versatility to your professional looking hair style options. How cute is this pixie?



 Classic Bun

These look elegant and professional on any hair texture. You really can’t go wrong with a bun. To make it easier, try using styling tools like foam bun formers. They come in


French Roll 

The French roll is a classy and elegant look that is easy to do in little time. There are also a number of variations of the classic french roll that you can do. Any kind of up do using the tuck and roll method will work. Play around with sectioning your hair into smaller sections and tucking/rolling/pinning to see what looks you can come up with! With these styles, bobby pins will be your best friend.