Jill Scott says she’s no “natural hair spokeswoman”

Jilly from Philly has captured our hearts and minds for some time now.

Whether she was taking us on a long walk, or singing about her love for Lyzel in E-Flat, Ms. Scott has never disappointed us.

Until she decided to relax her hair.

A lot of women identified with the soul singer. They looked at her curvaceous body, full lips, and natural hair and they saw themselves. So after the soul gave birth to her son, Jet, she decided to cut her hair and relax it.

She debuted her new do at the VH1′s Black Girl’s Rock ceremony while performing on stage with Kelly Price, Ledisi and Marsha Ambrosius, and despite her spectacular performance people couldn’t get away from her hair.

In a recent interview with Afrobella, Jill talks about her decision to get a relaxer.

Afrobella: …to so many people, they look at your and they brand you as an icon that speaks to their particular experience. So to so many women, you’re considered a natural hair icon, or plus size icon and now you’re in a period in your life where you’re changing. How is that, and how do you feel about being seen that way by women and how do you feel about your hair and your beauty and your evolution that we’re all getting to see right now?

Jill Scott: Well I think that change is good, and its necessary. Typically when I go through something, I’ll always cut my hair off. And I’ll wear wigs, and I’ll wear weaves and I’ll wear pieces because I like fashion. I like style and its fun to me. I’m very much a girl and I don’t know. I wont say worried…I’m interested to see how people look at me as someone who’s lost 60 [lbs] and working on 20 more. I’m interested to see if they’ll still feel connected to me or not. I don’t know. I wasn’t trying to be the spokesperson of natural hair. I just like my hair. I like how it feels, I like how I look. I enjoy my culture and my heritage. I see my mother and my father in my hair and I enjoy that. But at the same time I’ve been natural for 20 years and it was time to change. And when I get bored of this, I’ll cut my hair off again.

Click here to check out the full interview Ms. Scott did with Afrobella where she explains why she switched it up and how she’s not the natural hair ambassador.