How Often Do You Blow Out Your Hair?

On the days when you’re tired of doing your twist out, or when your girl doesn’t feel like hooking you up with some kinky twist, the next best option is a blow out.

Blow outs provide a nice change from the norm. They allow your hair to blow in the wind, and add a bit of pep in your step. But blow outs aren’t something one should do all the time.

Despite using a heat protectant, and as making sure your blow dryer, hot iron or flat-iron are on the lowest possible temperature, the heat can damage your hair, add split ends, and allow your hair to break off.

But a blow out once in a while won’t overturn all your hard work. If you blow out your hair once every month or once every two months, you should be fine.

So my question to all you ladies is, how often do you blow out your hair? And how do you like it once it’s done?

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