25 Natural Hair Styles for the Holidays

Last time we checked, it was Spring! Where has the time gone? With the holiday season approaching at lightning speed, that doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to make sure your natural hair is looking its best at your upcoming holiday parties and festivities. We feel your frustrations–so many curls, so little time. This is why we’ve scouted the web for 25 absolutely stunning holiday styles that can be achieved on virtually any natural hair texture. Whether you’ve got kinks, curls, waves, or coils, one of these styles is sure to fit your look, style, and texture. Bold and beautiful, sleek and elegant, or chunky and funky…this list has got it all!


Photo courtesy of scdailymakeover.com

1. Forward Bun Updo

a9474e703a8e654d2b035b2ec58d1d7cPhoto courtesy of mynaturalblackhair.com

2. Twisted Loc (or braids) Bangs

8624bcef43da7c2cef2bbf752e1f1fcePhoto courtesy of mommynoire.com

3. Braided Pompadour

f1f32fb664ef974ee5d886784e8624a2Photo courtesy of luvyourmane.tumblr.com

4. Tilted Loc (twists, or braids) Top Knot

d2cc904a8577a825b50d391acd16239bPhoto courtesy of beautybylee.com

5. Curl Straw Set or Finger Coil

4099a780b52a310a7e7a9a19bd9b2ba9Photo courtesy of realsimple.com

6. Loose Textured Afro (using large curlers)

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

7. Finger Waves

35daf7566a65ab4c4cb9f11b609934faPhoto courtesy of harpersbazaar.com

8. The Classic ‘Fro + Red Lip

6e3a4224ff9840922cfef347164324a5Photo courtesy of uptownmagazine.com

9. Retro Wavy Pompadour

25b4e6ff07f675f7ede6d60ef2c8ca3aPhoto courtesy of wowhairstyle.com

10. Double Braided Crown + Low Puff Ponytail

f8c8e1cf12bb338220f25ac9b05dd7f0Photo courtesy of jadabeauty.com

11. Mini Pompadour and Loose Puff Bun

c346e2f78e7bcfc92e1e737bd352dd6bPhoto courtesy of pinterest.com

12. Curl Rod Set with Bow

7bb5919aabc57d6c1617f03fca1f6af5Photo courtesy of tghp.tumblr.com

13. Chunky Braided Crown Updo

7918bd7b09dd5b5dbb9cd93b9bfa4ff6Photo courtesy of heyfranhey.com

14. Whispy Curly Updo (Go generous with the bobby pins!)

180645af601773ef5288959fbb732992Photo courtesy of blackhairinformation.com

15. A Texture Blow Out (Leave a little kink, curl, and bounce)

Photo courtesy of proudlyafrican,org

16. Top Knot

3add7a4d557546308e7a70b2b228732ePhoto courtesy of pinterest.com

17. Double French Roll with High Puff

Photo courtesy of therighthairstyles.com

18. Wash & Go with Half Up Do

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

19. Low Bun

7e8bb7de70d660a4b2a95e11c8426a55Photo courtesy of naturallypolished.tumblr.com

20. A Side Pin Up (Gelled and pinned on one side)

d1f3b525dda678521a35f1cf178f0f88Photo courtesy of curlynikki.com

21. A High Puff with Curly Bangs

caac683db07b05a4c713e4d3c6d85f3aPhoto courtesy of blackhairinformation.com

22. Classic French Braids

00bddff477c0eb650aa1761e00b1b0bcPhoto courtesy of curlynikki.com

23. Stretched Twist out with a Side Part

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

24. Smooth Straight Styled

c255601a2e3be8b15b7f6e01d38e24f9Photo courtesy of mynaturalblackhair.com

25. Mini Pin Curl Updo

Which of these holiday styles will you strut this season?

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