25 Natural Hair Styles for Men

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Natural hair styles are not just for ladies! All of us here at TGIN can say with confidence that natural hair styles look just as great on guys. Whether it be a classic fro, a twist out, a TWA, or a lovely head of locs–we are loving every one of these 25 natural hair styles for men. If you didn’t already know…TGIN hair and body products work wonders for men’s hair as well as women and kids. For locs and styling purposes, we highly recommend TGIN Twist and Define Cream. For a deeper moisture boost, both natural men and women are raving about our newest leave in: TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner.

Which of these 25 styles will YOU try?

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1. Loose Twists / Young Locs


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2. Finger Coiled TWA

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3. Slicked Back Bun/Pony

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4. Tension Blow Out 

*Tip: Use the tension blow out method without a brush or comb to maintain some natural texture.

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5. Loose Wispy Curls

*Tip: Use a chunky twist out to achieve loose curls.

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6. Twisted Pony

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7. Brushed Out TWA for Loose Curls


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8. Classic Locs with Top Hat

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9. Afro Punk Hair Styles

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10. Locs in Faux French Braids

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11. Bandana

Dandy Lion Exhibit  Alexander 10/29/10 Photo by Jamala JohnsPhoto courtesy of lecoil.tumblr.com

12. Wash and Go TWA

13Photo courtesy of naturalblkgirlsrock.tumblr.com

13. Flat Twisted Bun

14Photo courtesy of naturalblkguysrock.tumblr.com

14. Blond Highlights

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15. Loose Locs with Color

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16. Long Sister Locs

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17. Chunky Braids

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18. Loc ‘Puff’

19Photo courtesy of blkgirlsrock.tumblr.com

19. Picked Out Afro


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20. Gelled Wash and Go

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21. Wavy Locs

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22. Tapered Afro


23Photo courtesy of mens-hairstyle.com

23. Afro Puff/Oversize Pony

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24. Long Twist Out / Stretched Curls


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25. Short Locs with a Fade

Which of these men’s natural hair styles are you rooting for?

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